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Voter Assistance
For questions or comments regarding voter assistance, please contact our office at 1-800-SBC-VOTE or by email
Request a Ballot by Mail
Any voter may request to permanently receive their ballots by mail. (click here)
Assistance at the Polls
Voters unable to complete their ballot may bring one or two persons with them into the voting booth to assist them, or they may ask pollworkers to provide assistance. Voters may not be assisted by their employer, union representative nor an agent of the employer or union representative.
Accessible Polling Places
To determine whether a polling place is accessible, voters can turn to the back cover of their sample ballot. If the polling place is not accessible, voters may call 1-800-SBC-VOTE to find the nearest accessible location or to request Curbside Voting at a polling place. If Curbside Voting is requested at a polling place, someone will alert the precinct officers and they will bring the voting materials to the voter.
AutoMARK ballot-marking systems are available during each election at all Vote Centers in Santa Barbara County as well as our three office locations. The AutoMARK provides an opportunity for voters who are blind, have limited sight, or have a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a ballot without assistance. The AutoMARK is easy to use and has a Braille keypad, increased font size, and audio options.

The voter may listen to the list of ballot options through headphones. The voter controls both the speech speed and volume and choices may be repeated easily. Selections are read back to the voter at the end of the session to ensure the proper selection was made. The AutoMARK also ensures that no races are accidentally under-voted, over-voted, or left blank by providing an opportunity to adjust selections before the ballot is printed.

The AutoMARK is on a table and may be used with a wheelchair or a chair.

For voters interested in using the AutoMARK, our office staff or the staff at our Vote Centers will show the voters to the unit, issue the proper ballot and answer any questions about using the unit.

Figure 1-The image below is of an AutoMARK ballot-marking system .
Large Font Materials
The Sample Ballots and Voter Information Guide are available in large font formats at our three office locations upon request. Requests can also be emailed.
Tape Recordings
Ballot information is available for the visually impaired on tape (State Information) and CD (Local Information). Tapes and CDs are available at our office locations below and may be requested by email or by calling 1-800-SBC-VOTE.
Santa Barbara
The Elections Office
4440-A Calle Real

Santa Maria
The Elections Office
511 E. Lakeside Parkway, Suite 134

The Elections Office
401 East Cypress Street, Room 102

Services for Voters who are Hard of Hearing
For registration and election information, the Secretary of State has established a telecommunications device for voters who are hard of hearing. The TTY/TDD number is 800-833-8683.
Other Aides
The following items are also available upon request at all Vote Centers in Santa Barbara County as well as our three office locations:
  • Easy Grip Pens
  • Handi Lens Magnifier
Accessible Vote Booth
These vote booths are able to be used with a wheelchair or a chair.
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