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Cuyama Basin Water District Formation Election – February 28, 2017
Certified Results (pdf)
Isla Vista Recreation and Park District Special Mail Ballot Election – May 9, 2017

Elections Code § 15620 allows any voter, within five days following the completion of the canvass, to file a request for recount with the county elections official of the votes cast for candidates for any office, or any measure provided that the office or measure is not voted on statewide. The “completion of the canvass” shall be presumed to be that time when the elections official signs the certified statement of the results of the election. As the signing of the certified statement occurred on May 25, 2017, the written request for a recount must be filed with the elections office no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Certified Results (pdf)
Certified Results, csv format (txt)
Voter Information Guide (pdf)
Guía de Información para el Votante (pdf)
Unsigned Ballot Envelope Statement (pdf)
Notice of Election and Date Fixed to Submit Arguments for Measure O2017 (pdf)
Full Text of Measure O2017 (pdf)
Resolution 160811-002 Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (pdf)
Public Exam Packet - Measure O2017 (pdf)
Statewide Direct Primary Election – June 5, 2018
Key Dates and Deadlines
Offices to be Filled and Candidate Filing Dates and Deadlines (pdf)
Tentative Measure Consolidation Calendar (pdf)
Consolidated General Election – November 6, 2018
Tentative Measure Consolidation Calendar (pdf)
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